5 Simple Techniques For scientology beliefs about the afterlife

Not only the levels you posted, they made this shit up as they went along. It absolutely was challenging to sustain with. We had a brand new Civilization Builder who anytime went up a numerous of what appeared to be $a hundred,000 they made up some new bullshit.

As part of the good sport, Scientology customers have established and distributed pamphlets full of lies and slander in opposition to folks who have publicly protested towards them.

Critics of Scientology have advised that other factors may possibly have been at operate. Inside of a letter of the time to his spouse Mary Sue,[forty two] Hubbard mentioned that, in an effort to support his investigate, he was drinking alcohol and getting stimulants and depressants ("I'm drinking a lot of rum and popping pinks and greys").

Based on the movie, in the '70s, a lot of Scientologists ended up directed to obtain Employment in Department of Justice and IRS workplaces in an effort to steal documents from or regarding the Church.

Scientology is not really a dogmatic religion by which a person is questioned to accept something on faith by yourself. On the contrary, 1 discovers for oneself the rules of Scientology are true by applying its rules and observing or enduring the outcomes.

Hubbard also made the decision that psychiatrists ended up an historic evil that were a challenge for billions of decades. He Solid them during the job of assisting Xenu’s genocide seventy five million yrs ago.

Scientology addresses the spirit—not the body or thoughts—and believes that Gentleman is way over a product of his atmosphere, or his genes.

For an additional $2,850 it is possible to go on to OT level VIII. Apparently, the group are planning to release a whole new OT IX extremely quickly, which will without doubt Value an awesome deal more.

s. met hun leer en organisatie de verwerping van democratische waarden niet schuwen. Uit die teksten volgt tevens dat fulfilled de geheimhouding van OT II en OT III mede wordt beoogd macht uit te oefenen more than leden van de Scientology-organisatie en discussie in excess of de leer en praktijken van de Scientology-organisatie te verhinderen. 

Some parking spots are marked off for “humanitarians,” by which Scientology means individuals with huge wallets. Srsly.

They far better not utilize the phrase “civilization changer” because LRH stated that’s what he was. This irreligious accumulation of wealth will almost scientology beliefs about god certainly backfire, if they don’t basically set this money to some kind of general public religious like assistance to Culture.

I don’t know what LA Org was truly carrying out, scientology beliefs yahoo but Rinder claims they were falsifying stats. If OC was, it certainly wasn’t the amount of money stats, simply because I did a number of Those people audits.

Ortega attained new tax records that revealed the main 3 tiers of your Church (that's a non-financial gain organization) have a mixed book price of $one.five billion.

Designed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is scientology church beliefs often a religion that offers a exact path resulting in an entire and selected knowledge of just one’s true spiritual character and a person’s relationship to self, family, teams, Mankind, all life varieties, the fabric universe, the spiritual universe and also the Supreme Being.

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